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Blue badge benefits

Disabled parking - Blue Badge. Information about applying for or renewing a Blue Badge. Reapply for a Blue Badge. Appeal against a Blue Badge application decision. Hidden Disability Blue Badge application or appeal guidance.

If you are automatically eligible for a Blue Badge, you need to provide proof of the benefits you get. Severely sight impaired (registered blind) You will need to provide: a Certificate of Vision.

Sadly a blue badge is not a given for someone with dementia. Get as much supporting documentation as you can and stress the importance of the badge in enabling mum to have a better quality of life. Spamar Registered User Oct 5, 2013 7,727 0 Suffolk Mar 12, 2018 #3 Get Age UK to help, they do a very good job, and know the buzz words. Sam Luvit.

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What is a Blue Badge? Blue parking badges allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or people who have severe walking difficulties to be parked near shops, stations and other facilities. It replaced the Orange Badge Scheme. Blue Badges are issued as existing badges come up for renewal, or as new applications are processed.

As this employee has a blue badge, their company car benefit is £2,739 - saving them tax of £95.40 assuming they are a basic rate taxpayer (that is, £3,216 less £2,739 @ 20%). How do I secure the tax relief? Employers are able to help eligible employees to secure their relief by submitting form P11D with the correctly adjusted company car details.

You are automatically eligible to apply for a Blue Badge without further assessment if you: are registered as blind (severely sight impaired) get the higher rate mobility component of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) get PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and scored 8 points or more in the 'moving around' area of your assessment.

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